ElonBank Liquidity Management (ELM)

Liquidity is one of the most important elements to support the high APY and sustainability of ElonBank.
In order to avoid low liquidity & bad pricing on the market in the long term, we have decided to activate automatic LP injection every 48 hours to the BNB/ELONBANK Pair.
How ElonBank Liquidity Management (ELM) works:
Our ElonBank Liquidity Management (ELM) injects automated liquidity into the market every 48 hours. There is a 4% tax charge on each purchase or sell order that is automatically kept in an Auto-LP wallet, and integrated into our protocol’s smart contract is a system that intelligently takes the 50% of ELONBANK saved in the wallet and automatically buys BNB at the current market price.
The remaining 50% of ELONBANK in the Auto-LP wallet will be utilized for the ELONBANK side of liquidity, resulting in a 50/50 weighting of ELONBANK/BNB, which will be automatically contributed as fresh, extra liquidity to the market pair, increasing the pool’s liquidity.
Every 48 hours, the SALE will achieve this by introducing more liquidity to the pool, allowing ELONBANK token holders to sell their tokens at any moment with little to no market slippage. It will also help ensure protocol stability, ensuring that the APY is maintained during ElonBank's lifetime.