ElonBank Reserves (EBR)

EBR stands for ElonBank Reserves, a distinct wallet within the ElonBank ecosystem. The EBR is backed by a percentage of the buy and sell trading costs that accumulate in the EBR wallet and employs an algorithm to back the Rebase Rewards.
Simply put, the EBR parameter backs the staking incentives (rebase rewards) that are delivered every 15 minutes at a rate of 0.02368%, assuring a high and constant interest rate for ElonBank token holders.
  • Price stability helps to avoid a flash crash.
  • Significantly lowering the risk of a negative outcome.
  • Ensure the ElonBank Protocol's long-term viability and future expansion
ElonBank Reserves (EBR) BSC Address: 0xfa4B83f2E024259C966CC4dEF09380Aa56e2d2eB BSCScan:​