Frequantly asked questions section

1) The Rebase is in "Loading..." state, what happened ?

The contract is preparing to rebase and distribute the Rewards but, for that he is waiting for a Transfer or Sell event. DO NOT panic if this didn't happen for the last hour or two. If it is delayed by two hours, immediately afterwards, the contract will perform 8 rebases (to recover what was missed).

2) Is the team behind ElonBank KYC'ed ?

We prefer not to send our personal documents to random people that request money for it. First of all, they are not authorized to receive such things (confidential information). We KYC'ed ourselves with Binance/Coinbase, other legit platforms. We prefer to stay like that.

3) The Rebase happened but I don't see any tokens added to my wallet. What happened?

Normally, you should be able to see how many tokens you will get for each rebase ( but, if unable to check it, please access your wallet on and check the actual quantity that you bought with the actual current balance.
4) Lottery time states "Drawing the WINNER" and nothing happens ? We have to manually run a method for the Contract to Randomly pick the winner. As soon as the winner is selected, a NEW round is automatically started. We will announce on Telegram/Discord the WINNER !