Interest Cycle

We have specified two separate interest rates that will provide ElonBank token holders with continuing compound interest in perpetuity in order to preserve sustainability and future growth.
Each Interest Cycle is 15 minutes in length and is referred to as an EPOCH.
There are 35,040 EPOCH's in 1 year.
EPOCH 1 - 35,040: 0.02368% every EPOCH (First 12 Months)
EPOCH > 35,040 : 0.01% every EPOCH
First 12 months, we will have an APY% of 400,977%
After 12 months, we will have an APY% of 3,156% First Year started on 28th of March 2022
The NEW APY is set after 1 Year on the date 29th of March 2023 at 00:00 !
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